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RFID Industry - A Market Update

RFID Industry - A Market Update

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Publish Date : Jun, 2005| No. of Pages : 45

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The report “RFID Industry—A Market Update” provides an in-depth analysis of the RFID Industry. The latest trends and the future forecasts of the RFID (radio frequency identification technology) Industry are mentioned. The RFID market in different geographical locations is identified and segregated. According to industry statistics, the worldwide market for RFID technology was US $1.49 billion in 2004. The growth prospects for the RFID market are very bright.
The demand for RFID Systems is ever increasing. The report discusses the RFID Industry figures to go up from US $1.95 billion in 2005 to $26.9 billion in 2015. The RFID vendors are increasingly gaining from the sale of RFID hardware components.
The RFID applications are used for security/access control, toll collection, animal tracking, automobile immobilization, and many others. Newer applications are being developed where the RFID Systems can be used, specially in the United States. Various end users in the vertical markets will be able to derive direct benefits from the RFID systems integrators. Different plans that have been implemented in the economic sectors: Wal-Mart, Metro AG, Target, Tesco, and the US Department of Defense.
More consumer goods item level tagging will open new leads in the RFID market. This can lead to reduced costs and labors of the vendors and lesser crimes against theft. Better customer satisfaction is another area that can be tapped easily by investment in the RFID sector.
The report discusses the issues that have helped in shaping the current demand of the RFID industry, revenue generation, future estimates, costs, future opportunities, market insights, and the issues that impact the industry.
Report Highlights

  - Market estimates and forecast from 2003 to 2008 for RFID hardware, software, services, applications, and vertical sector.
  - Geographical segregation of the RFID market.
  - Trends of the industry and the profiles of the major players.
  - Demand projections.
  - Major Vendors of the RFID industry by Transponder And Reader System, Supply-Chain Software, and Systems Integrators
  - Recent developments of the industry.
Report Features
The market research report "RFID Industry - A Market Update" by RNCOS discusses the trends, figures, business opportunities and future growth of the RFID Industry. The report sums up the RFID Industry in detail. Chapters 2 and 3 provide introduction of the industry and its market understanding (applications, emerging economic sectors, etc). RFID Product market is discussed in chapter 4 whereas regional analysis of RFID system is talked about in chapter 5. Chapters 6 and 7 discuss RFID hardware and system usage trends alongwith opportunities and challenges. Chapter 8 covers recent issues and current developments. Finally, in the last chapter report gives a closer look at major RFID vendors.
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