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RFID Industry (2005-2007) - An Update (Insight to European Market)

RFID Industry (2005-2007) - An Update (Insight to European Market)

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Publish Date : Sep, 2005| No. of Pages : 50

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Broadening its horizon and scope of study on RFID applications market, RNCOS market research report “RFID Industry (2005-2007) — An Update (Insight to European Market)” focuses on the emerging market for RFID application in European Union. Valued at €400million in 2004, the European market is estimated to escalate, reaching approximately €2.5billion by 2008. The report segregates the market into four different zones (Baltic, Nordic, Scandinavia and Western Europe), and provides an in-depth analysis of the RFID Industry across Europe till 2007.


Europe, in the recent times, has witnessed a large number of RFID and contactless application vendors and developers finding a strong foothold, with the German manufacturers dominating the market with an expected volume of nearly 600 million units. This is followed by France and UK—each with an RFID market volume of nearly 500 million units, as of 2004. In view of the new research and development centers opening in Netherlands, Denmark, and other Nordic and Scandinavian countries, analysts expect that, by the second half of 2006, this trend will see more companies expanding on their initial pilots. This will further lead to an increase in the total expenditure on RFID deployments in supply chain applications, especially in Western Europe worth approximately €467million by 2009.


The market research report "RFID Industry (2005-2007) - An Update (Insight to European Market)" by RNCOS, provides a survey of the current activities, initiatives, and trials underway in the RFID market in Europe. It includes an overview on the current standards and regulatory environment, as well as providing statistical information on the sales and demand for RFID applications in Europe. A market review is provided on all the European countries. The core of the report is an overview of the European RFID vendors, their alliances, new product developments, and analysis of their positions in the market.


  - Overall market estimates and forecast upto 2007 for RFID hardware, software, services, applications, and vertical sectors.

  - Country profiles of the European RFID market.

  - EU rules and regulations related to the RFID industry.

  - Demand for RFID Tagging, Readers and Chipsets (2004).

  - News coverage and trend analysis for the ongoing developments carried across the continent.

  - Assessing the opportunities and challenges faced by the European vendors and RFID manufacturing firms

  - Estimated revenue breakdown for RFID products and application, by country and products, 2004-2005.

  - Shipments of RFID Systems segmented by product category, 2000-2005




Chapters 2 and 3 of “RFID Industry (2005-2007) — An Update (Insight to European Market)” market research report give an introduction of the RFID technology and its benefits. Chapter 4 discusses the policies and regulations. Chapter 5 deals with the global RFID technology, along with an insight into the various emerging sectors including retail, health care, and supply chain management. Chapters 6 and 7 of this comprehensive report provide a snapshot of the markets of RFID software, hardware, services, and products. Chapter 8 gives you a region-wise analysis of RFID system while chapter 9 talks about the RFID market in terms of the opportunities and challenges. The last chapter of this report deals exclusively with the news and press coverages on RFID. Besides this, there are numerous figures and tables included in the report for a thorough understanding of the RFID technology and its market.

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