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New Projects Lead to a Boom in the Global LNG Market: Industry Analysis (2005-2010)

New Projects Lead to a Boom in the Global LNG Market: Industry Analysis (2005-2010)

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Publish Date : Jun, 2005| No. of Pages : 65

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The market research report “New Projects lead to a boom in the Global LNG Market: Industry Analysis (2005-2010)” by RNCOS, gives an in-depth analysis of the world LNG market. The market for LNG has been growing at a tremendous pace spanning all the continents, ranging between one to 40 projects in a country. The sooner the projects complete, the better will be the capacity of LNG.
According to the report, the delays in most of the liquefaction projects might lead to a reduction in the market share, as the prices for LNG will reduce. A compression of the gestation gap might help in maintaining the LNG market economics. The LNG market has grown in 2005 and shows signs of continuous growth. In 2004, the global liquefaction capacity was 150MTPA in 13 countries with a total number or 18 plants. At present, there are 14 importers of LNG. It is expected that by 2010, the LNG market will expand with more than 35 countries raring to join the race.
The LNG market will soon become twice its size with a major share of Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries. The basic reason for the increase in the demand and supply of LNG is because of increasing demand for electricity. Another driving factor for LNG’s growth is attributed to the demand for domestic natural gas resources. Most of the gas consuming countries stress on commercialization of their resources.
The report presents an analysis where the world consumption and demand for LNG is done. The international trade and business outlook including the financial and geopolitical factors is included. The volume, prices, contractual agreements are analyzed along with a discussion on ongoing projects in the sector. Projections for 2005, 2010 and 2015, are made assuming alternative economic growth rates. The overall dynamics for Global LNG market (2005-2010) are presented in the report
- Global LNG scenario and its position in world energy picture.
- The natural gas reserves with sustainable capacities.
- Already explored areas.
- The international LNG retail scenario.
- Factors governing the world LNG prices.
- Various investment opportunities worldwide, in the LNG sector.
- Factual information about world LNG terminals, shipping and supply contracts.
- A country-by-country analysis of LNG projects
- Will the proposed Iran-India gas pipeline projects de-consolidate other world leaders in next5-years term?
- How U.S. and Western European states perceive the emerging role of Asian  marketers?  
- Assessment of world consumption, prices and trade structure is also being reviewed to draw upon a conclusion on World vis-à-vis Asia and Central Europe.
The market research report "New Projects lead to a Boom in the Global LNG Market: Industry Analysis (2005-2010)" by RNCOS, provides a comprehensive picture of the global LNG market and the areas worth investing in. All the factors that drive the market are analyzed in detail. Chapters 1,2 and 3 discuss the potential of LNG, world natural gas reserves and the global LNG market sector. Chapter 4 covers the market outlook in Asia-Pacific Countries, Middle East & Atlantic Basin. Chapter 5 discusses the worldwide LNG Industry costs. Chapter 6 and 7 covers the major worldwide LNG exporters and importers. Chapter 8 and 9 discuss the LNG activities in US and Asian LNG/Gas distribution on world market. Finally, chapter 10 provides the worldwide listing of new & proposed LNG projects by Continents between the year 2005 & 2010.

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