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Market for Fuel Cell Technology (2006-2007)

Market for Fuel Cell Technology (2006-2007)

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Publish Date : Jul, 2006| No. of Pages : 60

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The report "Market for Fuel Cell Technology (2006-2007)" provides objective analysis on fuel cell vehicle technology that will revolutionize the automotive industry. It’ll help clients to analyze the leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of the commercialization phase of fuel cell vehicles throughout the world. Detailed data and analysis will help potential investors understand the evolving market of fuel cell vehicles in detail.
Current Status & Future Prospects
This section provides an overview of the demonstration phase & upcoming commercialization phase of fuel cell vehicles (FCV) in the year 2010. It covers fuel cell activities in potential fuel cell markets, such as Japan, Western Europe & other emerging countries. Their R&D patterns and government support programs are also covered. 
Key Issues and Facts Analyzed  

  -  Barriers & success factors for commercialization phase in fuel cell vehicle technology. 
  -  Potential fuel cell vehicles market in 2010. 
  -  R&D patterns. 
  -  Potential competitors in the Fuel cell Vehicle market? 
  -  Opportunities for the Fuel cell vehicle market? 
  -  The effect of other factors prevailing in the economy on Fuel cell market.  

Key Findings
Fuel cell is the only technology that can provide pollution-free energy for both transportation and electric utilities. Fuel cell powered cars can meet California’s current Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standard.
In near future, fuel cells will work as efficient petroleum alternatives. The use of FCVs will reduce the global dependency on petroleum. For example, if just 20% of cars use fuel cells, US can reduce oil imports by 1.5 Million barrels everyday.
With the commercialization of FCVs, vast improvement in infrastructure will be required. Rate of infrastructure construction might emerge as a limiting factor.
Key Players Analyzed
This section includes a complete overview of key players including BMW, Daihatsu, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, & Hyundai Motor Company. Also included are the key facts and commercialization phase strategies adopted by these players.
Who Should Read This Report?
Potential Manufacturers of FCVs
Potential manufacturers of fuel cell vehicles can use this report to get an insight into the competitive landscape of the market in the years to come, along with the latest market information.
Prospective Investors
Potential investors interested in knowing about the potentials of success that exist in the FCVs market in a particular region.
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