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Indian Insurance Industry: New Avenues For Growth 2012

Indian Insurance Industry: New Avenues For Growth 2012

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Publish Date : Sep, 2005| No. of Pages : 80

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With an annual growth rate of 15-20% and the largest number of life insurance policies in force, the potential of the Indian insurance industry is huge. Total value of the Indian insurance market (2004-05) is estimated at Rs. 450 billion (US$10 billion). According to government sources, the insurance and banking services’ contribution to the country's gross domestic product (GDP) is 7% out of which the gross premium collection forms a significant part. The funds available with the state-owned Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) for investments are 8% of GDP.


Till date, only 20% of the total insurable population of India is covered under various life insurance schemes, the penetration rates of health and other non-life insurances in India is also well below the international level. These facts indicate the of immense growth potential of the insurance sector.


The year 1999 saw a revolution in the Indian insurance sector, as major structural changes took place with the ending of government monopoly and the passage of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) Bill, lifting all entry restrictions for private players and allowing foreign players to enter the market with some limits on direct foreign ownership.


Though, the existing rule says that a foreign partner can hold 26% equity in an insurance company, a proposal to increase this limit to 49% is pending with the government. Since opening up of the insurance sector in 1999, foreign investments of Rs. 8.7 billion have poured into the Indian market and 21 private companies have been granted licenses.


Innovative products, smart marketing, and aggressive distribution have enabled fledgling private insurance companies to sign up Indian customers faster than anyone expected. Indians, who had always seen life insurance as a tax saving device, are now suddenly turning to the private sector and snapping up the new innovative products on offer.


The life insurance industry in India grew by an impressive 36%, with premium income from new business at Rs. 253.43 billion during the fiscal year 2004-2005, braving stiff competition from private insurers. RNCOS’s report, “Indian Insurance Industry: New Avenues for Growth 2012”, finds that the market share of the state behemoth, LIC, has clocked 21.87% growth in business at Rs.197.86 billion by selling 2.4 billion new policies in 2004-05. But this was still not enough to arrest the fall in its market share, as private players grew by 129% to mop up Rs. 55.57 billion in 2004-05 from Rs. 24.29 billion in 2003-04.


Though the total volume of LIC's business increased in the last fiscal year (2004-2005) compared to the previous one, its market share came down from 87.04 to 78.07%. The 14 private insurers increased their market share from about 13% to about 22% in a year's time. The figures for the first two months of the fiscal year 2005-06 also speak of the growing share of the private insurers. The share of LIC for this period has further come down to 75 percent, while the private players have grabbed over 24 percent.


There are presently 12 general insurance companies with four public sector companies and eight private insurers. According to estimates, private insurance companies collectively have a 10% share of the non-life insurance market.


Though the focus of this market research report is on the potential growth on the Indian Insurance Sector, it also talks about the market size, market segmentation, and key developments in the market after 1999. The report gives an instant overview of the Indian non-life insurance market, and covers fire, marine, and other non-life insurance. The data is supplied in both graphical and tabular format for ease of interpretation and analysis. This report also provides company profiles of the major private insurance companies.




-  Gains of Liberalization in Indian Insurance Sector

-  Indian Insurance Market Segmentation By Products

-  Size of the Market and Market Share Of Life Insurers, In INR (crore)

-  Market Share Of Non-Life Insurers

-  Forecast of Life Insurance Growth Up to 2012

-  Forecast of Non-Life Insurance Growth Up to 2012

-  Market Revenue of Both Public and Private Insurers

-  Policies and Measures Taken By IRDA To Develop The Insurance Market

-  Research and Development Activities

-  Regulation of insurance and reinsurance companies

-  Major Challenges That Indian Insurance Sector is Facing

-  Profiles of the Major Players 




In the globalize market scenario, companies need to understand and challenge the competitive markets they operate in. RNCOS's "Indian Insurance Industry: New Avenues for Growth 2012" is a complete analysis of the market that will help you in decision making. Chapter 2, 3, and 4 of this report discussed the impact of liberalization of the market and market shares of public and private sector companies and polices implemented by IRDA to develop the insurance market in India. Chapter 5, 6, and 7 deals with market revenue of private and public players, opportunities and forecasts and policies taken by IRDA to develop the insurance market. Major challenges of Indian Insurance Sector along with Profiles of major players are discussed in Chapter 8 and 9.

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