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Indian Banking Sector Forecast to 2012

Indian Banking Sector Forecast to 2012

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Publish Date : Mar, 2009| No. of Pages : 80

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The banking industry in India seems to be unaffected from the global financial crises which started from U.S in the last quarter of 2008. Despite the fallout and nationalization of banks across developed economies, banks in India seems to be on the strong fundamental base and seems to be well insulated from the financial turbulence emerging from the western economies. The Indian banking industry is well placed as compare to their banking industries western counterparts which are depending upon government bailout and stimulus packages.

The strong economic growth in the past, low defaulter ratio, absence of complex financial products, regular intervention by central bank, proactive adjustment of monetary policy and so called close banking culture has favored the banking industry in India in recent global financial turmoil.

Although there will no impact on the Indian banking system similar to that in west but the banks in India will adopt for more of defensive approach in credit disbursal in coming period. In order to safe guard their interest, banks will follow stringent norms for credit disbursal. There will be more focus on analyzing borrower financial health rather than capability.  

The report “Indian Banking Sector Forecast to 2012” contains comprehensive research and rational analysis on various segments, like assets size, income level and number of cardholders, in the Indian banking industry. It also analyzes the current performance and key market trends, and helps clients to understand various products available in the market and their future scope.

The forecast given in this report is not based on a complex economic model but is intended as a rough guide to the direction in which the market is likely to move. The future projection is done on the basis of the current market scenario, past trends, and rules and regulations laid by the regulator and supervisor of the financial system, Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Industry Forecast till 2011-12

- Banking Industry Assets in Rs Crore
- Banking Industry Income in Rs Crore
- Banking Industry Deposits in Rs Crore
- Banking Industry Loans and Advances in Rs Crore
- Number of Credit Cards in Million
- Number of Debit Cards in Million

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