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India Solid Waste Management Analysis

India Solid Waste Management Analysis

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Publish Date : Aug, 2011| No. of Pages : 65

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India being the 7th largest country in terms of area and 2nd largest in terms of population constitute immense business opportunities for domestic and international solid waste management players. The country has seen some dramatic economical and social developments in the last decade. Over the last ten years, the GDP has been growing strongly and per head GDP increased from US$ 481 (INR 21500.7) in 2001 to US$ 1340 (INR 59898) in 2010 . The rising affluence was the result of fast urbanization, which is resulting in higher solid waste generation demanding immediate attention.

According to our report, “India Solid Waste Management Analysis”, fast urbanization, industrial boom, government’s focus, and private sector involvement has driven solid waste management market to witness remarkable expansion both in volume and value terms. The urbanization rate which was once trailing at 28.7% in 2005 is anticipated to reach around 34.5% by 2015 that will provide requisites for solid waste management market to acquire 7% CAGR growth during 2011-2015. Taking into consideration, India’s enormous market opportunities, the growth will be attractive enough to lure domestic as well as foreign companies for investment and consulting purposes.

The government is closely supervising the market situation and supporting industry players by relaxing investment norms and providing monetary incentives. Consequently, the number of public and private entities forayed into collection, disposal, and treatment of large amount of untreated waste in the country and huge investment is expected to be channelized in the market in the coming years. Additionally, in late 2009, the Union Ministry of Urban Development has announced to launch the North Eastern Urban Development Programme (NEUDP) assisted by Asian Development Bank (ADB) for Eastern states’ solid waste management programs.

Our report, “India Solid Waste Management Analysis”, has been authored to evaluate the growth potentials of Indian solid waste management market. The report covers historical, current, and future trends of solid waste generation along with potential market for all four prominent sectors - municipal, industrial, e-waste, and bio-medical sectors. Further, thorough analysis of emerging industry trends and drivers has also been covered to provide a balanced research outlook of concerned market. It also entails ways of converting waste to energy potentials, and presents the outlook of environment protection industry towards waste management as new market dimensions for growth. A brief overview of leading companies operating in the industry has also been covered for better market understanding.

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