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Identity Management Services - A Market Perspective

Identity Management Services - A Market Perspective

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Publish Date : Feb, 2006| No. of Pages : 55

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Identity Management Services are the ultimate solutions to tackle the biggest threat for e-commerce called “Identity theft”. Even a well-established online business might have to bite the dust when struck by identity theft.

Undoubtedly, an Identity Management System can skillfully handle significant tasks such as create or manage users, grant or deny access rights to users to ensure that only genuine users have access to the information.

The prominent names in the development of Identity Management Solutions, such as Novell Inc, Cisco Systems and Oracle Corp, guarantee efficiency of these solutions.

The year 2005 saw an unexpected rise in the incidents of identity theft that stimulated the rapid inclusion of Identity Management Solutions in industries.

In spite of high infrastructure cost, reluctance to adopt a new technology and nonexistence of government support, the market for identity management is growing swiftly.

As per industry experts, the market for provisioning, data validation, merged identity solutions and full suites has already reached above $1.2 million. With a 2.3 times average annual growth rate, it is further estimated to grow above $8.5 billion by the year 2008.

However, factors such as regulatory compliance, higher productivity, improved safety and lower administrative costs might pull businesses towards the Identity Management Solutions; only  vendors with a standard clientele can only ensure proper implementation of these solutions.

The costs and risks involved in the expansion of e-business from intranets to extranets are the deciding factors for the integration of Identity Management System to an online business.

This report covers issue related to identity theft. The report begins with comprehensive information on each & every facet of the Identity Management Services and provides a complete overview of these services, while the legal issues before this technology are also discussed in it.

While the report offers the most recent R&D trends adopted worldwide, various applications of Identity Management Solutions are also covered. The prospects and challenges of this technology are dealt with care in this report. A quantitative assessment of the Identity Management Solutions market is also provided. This report covers the latest trends and issues in news, related to this market and also includes the profiles of leading companies in this business.

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