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Eastern European Software Industry: Present And Future

Eastern European Software Industry: Present And Future

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Publish Date : Mar, 2005| No. of Pages : 45

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The software industry is a crucial sector of the East European Industry. Though the eastern European countries were latecomers into the software boom market, the industry has emerged in a big way and is thriving. Even the 2000 recession could not shake the software sector and it has been growing consistently. It is one of the fastest growing IT services industrial sectors in the region and is a major contributor towards productivity. Of late, Eastern Europe has been in a state of turmoil, with all sorts of political and economic upheavals happening. But still, the region is potentially a great place for large and small companies to come and expand.


For quite some time now, piracy has been the undoing of the software industry in almost all the Eastern European countries. It has considerably slowed down the growth of the sector. But the governments in these countries came have together to take some corrective measures that have put a check on the software pirates. This has boosted the growth of the sector and brought about some economic stability in the region. It is projected by the industry experts that the Eastern European software industry would shoot up to US $90 billion by 2005 from US $50 billion in the year 2000. Further growth of the industry is being strongly forecast, bolstered by the reduced piracy, and projections claim that it would become the vanguard industry of the region.


The report focuses on ten east European countries and analyzes how the software sector has left its impact on these economies. The problem of software piracy in these countries is closely examined. The fiscal strategies employed for the sector and the positive implications of the industry for employment and other such like things are seen.




    -  The report focuses on select east European countries to eke out the case more clearly.

    -  The state of the sector and its prospects are broadly discussed.

    -  The political and economic backgrounds are sketched out.

    -  The characteristics of the software market and environment in the region are discussed.

    -  Each of the selected countries is separately dealt with.

    -  The market for the various software solutions and services are separately discussed after an overview.

    -  The financial aspects like revenue and expenditure are also discussed with examples.

    -  The employment prospects generated by the software industry in the region are also discussed.

    -  The issue of piracy is dealt with in detail.

    -  The trade and investment opportunities offered by the Eastern European software sector are addressed.




The report "Eastern European Software Industry: Present And Future" in chapter 2 gives an overview of the software sector and follows it up by discussing the IT Environment in the Balkan States. Chapter 3 discusses the market for the different software solutions and services in the region. Chapter 4 chalks out in detail the Balkan software industry and employment ratio. The penultimate chapter talks about the issue of piracy. Finally, chapter 6 discusses the trade and investment opportunities offered by the software sector in the Eastern Europe.

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