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Eastern Europe ICT and Outsourcing Market (2007-2011)

Eastern Europe ICT and Outsourcing Market (2007-2011)

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Publish Date : Aug, 2007| No. of Pages : 170

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The report "Eastern Europe ICT and Outsourcing Market (2007-2011)” by RNCOS provides extensive research and rational analysis on the IT&C industry in Eastern Europe and analyzes the opportunities and factors critical to the success of IT industry in the region. It underlines the issues related to the success of the industry and provides a prudent analysis on its various aspects. The report present a comprehensive overview of the past and current performance of the IT industry including software, hardware and services industry of Russia, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia.

The European ICT industry is considered as one of the fastest growing industries globally. And in Europe, Eastern European ICT industry has emerged as the fastest growing region because of multiple reasons including better manpower services at relatively low cost and huge potential for the foreign investors to invest in the ICT sector.
The report provides future overview of the IT industry and the trends that will bring boom in a particular IT segment. It covers analysis of the future scenario of PCs, Internet, mobile and fixed telephony, broadband, and e-commerce in the Eastern European countries.
For the purpose of this report, IT market has been defined as the total spending on IT industry, including spending on hardware, packaged software and IT services market.

Key Findings : 

  - Eastern European software industry grew by 12.53% in 2006 and is further estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10.87% till 2008.
 - Low cost outsourcing services and highly qualified talent pool is driving the industry.
 - EU accession is one of the factors that are attracting more international IT players to invest in Eastern European software industry.
 - Growing IT industry provides opportunities for consultancy firms, R&D centers and ICT industry.
 - With the development of IT outsourcing industry, enormous opportunities emerge in ICT industry, Education Service market, for the global as well as domestic players. Russia and Ukraine are emerging as the most desired destinations for IT outsourcing.
 - Historically, major part of the Eastern European IT market was constituted by the hardware segment that is expected to be replaced by the software industry soon.

Key Issues and Facts : 

 - How big is the Eastern European IT industry in Europe?
 - How is the ICT industry related to IT industry?
 - What are the current IT industry trends in various Eastern European countries?
 - What are the factors that are critical to the success of IT outsourcing ?
 - Which countries and segments are offering opportunities of IT outsourcing to foreign players?
 - What are the various challenges and opportunities before the industry?
 - How is the low cost and cultural proximity driving the IT outsourcing industry?
Research Methodology
Information Sources
Information has been sourced from various credible sources like books, newspapers, trade journals, and white papers, industry portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring industry news and developments, and through access to more than 3000 paid databases. 
Analysis Method
The analysis methods include ratio analysis, historical trend analysis, linear regression analysis using software tools, judgmental forecasting and cause and effect analysis. 
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