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Convenience Stores Industry Focus

Convenience Stores Industry Focus

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Publish Date : Mar, 2005| No. of Pages : 55

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Convenience stores industry has brought about a drastic change in the field of retail marketing in almost every country of the world. This report takes into account all the factors that affect this industry, whether positively or negatively.

Until a few years ago, this industry was a non-entity. Each and every shop was a single unit working independently. The idea of C – stores, the more common name of convenience stores, picked up significantly between 1999 and 2002. This was the time when the larger stores like Spar and Londis came into the picture. Though the year 2000 witnessed a slump in this industry, the industry has been growing at an enormous pace. For example, in 2001, the sales figure of this sector went up to US $283 billion from US $14 billion—an increase of 5 percent. The sudden outburst of stores in the US and Asian countries contributed majorly in this growth. This was also complemented by the improvised techniques catering to all-round requirements of the consumers.This report examines the important companies in the industry and goes into assessment of their future plans and strategies. Presently, there is a stiff competition between the convenience stores of regional standing and the global giants. These big stores with international presence contribute significantly to the growth of this industry. Market analysts forecast that the convenience stores industry is going to be the fastest growing industry not only in terms of profits, but also in employee development.


         -  World market of retail stores industry, along with regional segregation.
         -  In-depth analysis of market distribution and product mix.
         -  Global growth and sales analysis.
         -  Government policies and foreign investment issues.
         -  Market trends and the issues that need to be resolved.
         -  Employment opportunities in the convenience store sector
         -  Detailed assessment of the global market leaders.

Report Features

This report takes into account all the aspects of the convenience stores industry. It begins with a sort of overview in chapter 2 that includes the global market size of the convenience stores industry, the market distribution, the logistic development, and the future growth prospects. Chapter 4 deals with the policies framed by the governments and the employment opportunities offered by this industry. It also focuses on the consumer behavior and SWOT analysis. Chapter 5 of the report takes into account the market trends and the issues that need to be resolved. The last chapter, which is chapter 6, presents an assessment of the global market leaders. 

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