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Convenience Stores Industry - An Industry Insight

Convenience Stores Industry - An Industry Insight

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Publish Date : Jun, 2005| No. of Pages : 75

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The market research report “Convenience Stores Industry—An Industry Insight” by RNCOS does an in-depth research of the Convenience Stores Industry as a part of the global retail industry. The current economic trends, consumers’ preferences, technological advancements, sales analysis, the government policies worldwide, market distribution, and the future prospects are mentioned.
The c-stores suddenly became hugely popular in retail marketing in 1999-2000, with the increase in the number of the large convenience stores. This was partly due to the convenience of these stores over the independent retail stores, and partly due to the technological innovations that were brought about to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.
The present scenario is discussed where International convenience stores are based on structural layouts and focus on merchandising exclusive products. With the entry of these global chains of convenience stores in to the market, the regional chains have faced some competition. Though, this has also led to a large expansion of the world market retail stores.
Most of the convenience stores deal in the traditional products like, tobacco, confectionery, alcohol, and newspapers/magazines. As far as the sales figures for the industry go, the total sales for 2003-2004 grew from US$ 337 billion to US$ 394.7 billion. The reason for the increase in the total sales can be attributed to the 3.9% increase in convenience store count that registered about 124,500 new stores in the US and Asia.
Value additions in terms of products and services are being done in order to make the industry scale new heights in the coming years. Market analysts forecast the convenience store industry to become the fastest growing, in terms of profits and employment generation.
 - World retail store industry with regional segregation
 - Market distribution and product mix
 - Growth of c-stores according to product categories
 - Trends in shopping and consumer preferences
 - Global growth of the industry and trade analysis
 - Media spending
 - Technological advancements in the sector
 - Government policies and foreign investment
 - Market trends and issues to be resolved
 - Employment opportunities
 - Global market leaders and their assessment
 - Six formats of C-stores representing the trends in convenience store industry
 - Count, sales, growth % age of C-stores, Co-operatives, Petrol Forecourts, Multiples, discounters
All the aspects related to the Convenience Store Industry are taken into account in the report "Convenience Stores Industry - An Industry Insight" by RNCOS. The report analyzes the global trends, examines the importance of the industry, and the strategies employed by the big and small market players.
Chapters 2 and 3 of the report discuss the C-store industry right from its emergence, and analyze the worldwide market distribution and global trends. Chapters 4 and 5 talk about the consumer and product outlooks in the industry. While stressing on the need of more development of the sector for the future, chapters 6 and 7 discuss the importance of Information Technology in the industry as well as various investments and future market possibilities in the convenience stores market. Chapter 8 discusses the Media spending on the industry. Chapters 9 and 10 covers the opportunities and challenges faced by the industry and the current issues related to them. The final chapter mentions and assesses the International market leaders in Convenience Stores.
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