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China Credit Card Market Forecast to 2015

China Credit Card Market Forecast to 2015

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Publish Date : Jan, 2013| No. of Pages : 65

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1. Analyst View

2. Research Methodology

3. Macroeconomic Analysis
     3.1 Economic Growth
     3.2 Inflation Rate
     3.3 Annual Disposable Income

4. Payment Card Industry Overview
     4.1 Bank Card by Type

5. Credit Cards Market Analysis to 2015
     5.1 Number of Credit Cards
            5.1.1 Corporate vs Personal Cards
     5.2 Credit Card Transactions
            5.2.1 By Volume
            5.2.2 By Value
     5.3 Credit Card Spending by Category
     5.4 Credit Card Loans
     5.5 Leading Credit Card Issuers
     5.6 Credit Card Charges
     5.7 Number of ATM Networks and POS Terminals

6. Market Trends and Drivers
     6.1 Young Population Favoring Credit Card Growth
     6.2 Shift towards e-Shopping
     6.3 Rising Number of Co-branded Cards
     6.4 New Opportunities for Foreign Banks Credit Cards
     6.5 Financial Cards Coming-up with New Technological Features
     6.6 Government Initiatives to Drive Credit Card Usage

7. Regulatory Framework
     7.1 Licensing Procedure for Foreign Banks

8. Industry Challenges
     8.1 Low Frequency of Credit Cards Usage
     8.2 Banks and Merchant Tie-ups - a Major Barrier
     8.3 Growing Credit Card Frauds

9. Competitive Landscape
     9.1 Domestic Banks
            9.1.1 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
              Key Highlights
              Key Strategies
            9.1.2 China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd
              Key Highlights
              Key Strategies
            9.1.3 China Construction Bank Corporation
              Key Highlights
              Key Strategies
            9.1.4 Bank of China Ltd
              Key Highlights
              Key Strategies
            9.1.5 Agriculture Bank of China
              Key Highlights
              Key Strategies
     9.2 Foreign Banks
            9.2.1 Citibank (China) Co. Ltd
              Key Highlights
              Key Strategies
            9.2.2 HSBC Bank (China) Co. Ltd
              Key Highlights
              Key Strategies
            9.2.3 Bank of East Asia (China) Limited
              Key Highlights
              Key Strategies

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