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China Banking Sector Analysis

China Banking Sector Analysis

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Publish Date : Apr, 2011| No. of Pages : 65

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As an important component to the country's overall economic system, China’s banking industry has witnessed rapid growth in line with the economic development of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Banks have historically been, and continue to be, a significant source of capital for the economy and the primary choice for domestic savings. The favourable macroeconomic trends not only provide exceptionally attractive growth opportunities for China’s banking industry, but also offer opportunities for them to revamp the existing business model and diversify businesses and income.

According to our report “China Banking Sector Analysis”, with the increased demand for consumer as well as corporate financing, improved economic conditions, and numerous restructuring efforts taken by the government, the banks are expected to record good performance and improve their financial positions during the forecast period. Banking assets are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of about 13.7% during 2011-2014.

Further, our report reveals that despite fast growth and large size of China’s banking industry, banking products and services remain highly under-penetrated compared to the international standards. Chinese households are not utilizing their credit market to its fullest extent as their credit market remains highly underdeveloped.

Besides, we have analyzed the pattern of macroeconomic variables and their impact on the banking sector of the country. Our report has also identified emerging industry trends, which will decide the future of the banking sector in China and the key players in the country’s banking system along with their detail business description and recent activities.

Our report “China Banking Sector Analysis” provides extensive research and rational analysis on the Chinese banking industry. Forecasts for key banking segments, such as loans, deposits etc. have also been presented to provide better understanding of the banking sector in the country. Additionally, the report covers various aspects of the banking industry in the country, such as industry performance, banking services, growth opportunities, and industry challenges.

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