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Cancer Generics Market Outlook 2017

Cancer Generics Market Outlook 2017

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Publish Date : Jul, 2013| No. of Pages : 95

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The National Cancer Institute has stated that almost half of the population born today will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime. With global cancer incidence rising to almost 13 Million in 2012 and majority of blockbuster cancer drugs losing their patent protection, the market for cancer generics is bound to experience prodigious growth.

According to our latest research report “Cancer Generics Market Outlook 2017”, this market for cancer generics is expected to grow at 13%, reaching US$ 19 Billion by 2017. The low pricing of cancer generics and increased life expectancy will be the major contributors in this growth.

The report provides an insight to the various parameters associated with Cancer Generics. It focuses on the trends and drivers instrumental in shaping the market, evaluating the role of each driver in detail and predicting its possible impact. Also covered is the segmentation of the generics market by disease types, with emphasis on current and future incidence, regional analysis and the patent expiration status of key cancer drugs.

After an exhaustive study, we have segmented the generics market by the various oral and injectable options, encompassing all the recently approved generics along with existing ones. The detailed study of each drug comprises of price analysis of the branded and generic drug, miscellaneous manufacturers of each generic drug, and drug applicability. Also included are the recent developments of generic players in terms of FDA clearances, mergers and acquisitions that have helped them emerge as the key manufacturers.

The thorough study asserts that Cancer Generics is going to be the focus area for majority of players, with the market witnessing entry of a whole range of generics thereby labeling Cancer Generics as a field with enormous growth potential in the near future.

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