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If you are looking for a manufacturing company or a India sourcing agency, you’ve reached the right place.

We are a proud team of sourcing agents who has helped companies across the US and Europe, to source over number of products from the Indian market. As a leading sourcing company in India, we exclusively fulfil the sourcing needs of our clients by providing end-to-end strategic sourcing solutions.

We have built a highly stable network of suppliers and have helped globally renowned companies gain a competitive edge in the industry, resulting in an increased market share. All this backed by a wide network of logistics partners and an authentic supplier database, we boost ourselves as a reliable Product Sourcing Agency from India.

Your involvement in the sourcing process will be to share requirements, review quotes, review sample and receive timely delivery of goods. We shall take care of the rest; process of getting quotes, evaluating factories and managing the complexities of manufacturing and shipping all through a single reliable partner RNCOS.

india out sourcing

The advantages of hiring RNCOS for your sourcing needs

• Experience of managing various types of products
• Transparent sourcing process
• Wide coverage with teams in Delhi and other cities
• Knowledge of the work culture and its languages
• A large network of trusted suppliers
• Prequalified suppliers
• Effect process to control costs
• Team management
• On-site regular inspections during production
• Quality Process adherence
• Development of new products
• Improvement of current products
• Handling of logistics

In summary, we provide a complete service for any company wanting to produce in India, or who requires the best conditions and results without worrying about any aspect of management. We are a benchmark in industrial sourcing with numerous successful projects behind us. We help companies overcome the challenge of working with the Indian business culture including the production and selection of suppliers of consumer goods, electronics, technology and industrial goods, always with the best quality standards at the most competitive price.


india out sourcing

With our sourcing skills, research driven methodology, strong network within the Indian & global talent pool, we will assist you with strategic sourcing inquiry to accomplish your business requirements. Our wealth of experience and reliable network source speeds up the process of product development and sourcing and allows us to evaluate the supply chain process right from the initial stage of conceptualization to the final stage of product review.

Our working methodology

1. Study the product required for sourcing
2. Produce a Product Specification Sheet
3. Product Validation
4. Identify 10 - 15 Potential Suppliers
5. Narrow the search to 5 after due diligence
6. Place Sample Orders
7. Negotiate
8. Identify Your Key Supplier
9. Produce Production Requirements & Purchase Agreements
10. Make Initial Payment
11. Maintain Weekly Production Updates
12. Organize Freight Forwarder Collection
13. Quality Control
14. Shipment

Our research experts and managers are committed towards helping our clients throughout the investment phase and help in adopting the right sourcing strategy for the business. Our strategic sourcing team believes in providing valuable insight and guidance to achieve the most successful and desired rewards. To ensure uninterrupted supply we exhaust our database and competitive intelligence to create multiple supply options so that efficiency and effectiveness are not compromised.

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