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RNCOS understands the nitty-gritty's of setting up a dealer/distributor network and how crucial it is for a company to have a strong dealership network. Our engagement in the dealer network setup initiates from identification and short listing, and ends at approval and commissioning of the dealers identified. We help our clients in strengthening brand image, optimize operations and management capabilities, and create operational efficacies for OEMs and dealers.

Companies often see many distributors showing interest in selling their product but after signing up they start looking for more profit margins and eventually stop selling and prefer selling brands with more profit. RNCOS makes sure that while setting up a distribution network, distributors with proven track record and huge market reach are chosen after complete due diligence.


  • To increase the product reach, various companies expand their distributor network and sign up with multiple dealers in multi-geography. The value addition RNCOS brings is that we find the most relevant and experienced dealers with long term commitment.


  • Before tying up with a dealer, company often have questions about the credibility of the dealer, RNCOS checks that dealers performance and capability on certain parameters and makes sure the company gets the best dealer.


  • After dealer identification and credibility check, dealer is finalized and on the mutual consent of both the parties, dealer is signed up. RNCOS makes sure that all the legal formalities are followed during the process.


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