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Emerging Pharmaceutical Markets Globally

Emerging Pharmaceutical Markets Globally

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Publish Date : Nov, 2011| No. of Pages : 120

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The growth in pharma markets in developing countries with emerging economies (E7 countries) has outpaced the overall growth of the global pharma market. The factors including rapidly growing economies of these countries, increasing per capita income, increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, and low-cost are driving the pharma markets in these countries with a fast pace. In 2010, pharma market in E7 countries (Brazil, Russia, China, India, Turkey, Mexico, and Indonesia) was estimated at around US$ 136 Billion, and it is expected to achieve a high growth during 2011-2014, thereby increasing their share in global pharma market.

According to our new research study on the sector titled, “Emerging Pharmaceutical Markets Globally”, the pharmaceutical market in the abovementioned emerging countries is projected to grow at a double digit CAGR during 2011-2014. Currently, these markets are characterized by rapid urbanization with a change in lifestyle leading to the growth in prevalence of lifestyle diseases.

Our report has found that China has the largest pharma market out of these seven countries, followed by India, Brazil, and Russia. The maximum growth in future is expected to be in China and India due to strong government support and increasing aging population. Besides, we have identified that the prevalence of chronic diseases will remain one of the major drivers for the pharmaceutical market in the E7 counties. Growing pharma industry in emerging countries are also providing immense opportunity for contract research and manufacturing to flourish at rapid pace.

The research study provides extensive and coherent information about pharma markets in the E7 countries. It highlights several emerging opportunities growing in-line with development of pharma markets in E7 countries. The research study provides detailed statistical and analytical review on demographics, macroeconomic indicators, and disease profile. It contains all the key details that will help clients to draw up market strategies and assess opportunity areas for their success in these emerging pharma markets.

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