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Southern Part of the Country Enjoys Largest Pie in the Preschool Market

Nov 27, 2018

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The importance of preschools in India is vast with increased expenditure on education and growing number of working woman population. Southern part of the country is one such region where knowledge par excellence is being imparted in almost every preschools. Various government initiatives, strategic partnerships and industry-school collaboration has proved to be a boon for preschools in southern region of India. With more and more preschools increasing in this region, digital learning for kids has grown into significance due to its ease of use and understanding.
Preschool Market Regional Breakup (2017)

Source: RNCOS
The rationale for highest market share of preschools in southern part of the country is majorly due to the affordability of parents where they can easily bear the cost of their child’s preschool education. Parents in southern part of the country are also aware of the fact that a healthy, happy and positive environment makes a huge impact on the overall development of a child.
Cities in the southern region of India also have options for affordable and quality-oriented preschools. For instance, Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions has set up affordable primary schools in order to develop the child’s social, and emotional growth. Sudiksha currently has 22 pre-schools in the slum area of Hyderabad. The preschool chain has also opted for a model where they have partnered with women entrepreneurs that are selected from within the community. These women entrepreneurs are educated housewives who are selected and trained for their preschools. In this way, preschools have not only expanded in the southern region but also made it very affordable for parents who want to educate their child at a very early age.
Government initiative like India Early Childhood Education Impact study (IECEI) is also a great way to assess the quality of preschool programmes, and identify specific programme characteristics in Telangana. Currently, almost all the southern states’ government allow children to enter school before the age of 6. This would not only help children entering primary education to be able to handle curriculum demands but also aid in their developmental growth.
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