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Proven Success of Franchising Education in India has Led to a Boom in the Number of Preschools

Dec 11, 2018

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The Indian education sector has become one of the most promising markets. Franchising of schools in India has become quite successful due the perceived limitations of the independent school system to accommodate a broad section of the population. Other factors for the growth of franchising in education include lack of resources, which affects the quality of education offered by the government. Such franchising opportunities have given rise to various number of preschools in India.
Parents prefer franchised schools for their kids as it offers excellent teaching services at a low-cost fee, which is indeed a very attractive feature for all parents. Franchised preschools use impressive advanced teaching and learning techniques. Through the power of media, franchisors form preschools in India motivate parents to educate their children and promote education. Another specific benefit of franchising is that the poor and weaker segment of the society, like auto-rickshaw drivers and vegetable sellers can also get quality education for their children; hence reducing the problems of our society.
Franchising of preschools in India has also provided a source of job opportunities for both entrepreneurs who can become franchisees, as well as teachers and staff who are employed by these franchised schools. Such concept has viable business opportunities for local investors to open a franchised preschool and hence offer better employment opportunities for teachers.
Pre-school education franchises are changing the ways kids and adults learn inside and outside the traditional classroom with better facilities and technological advancements. Parents now want more opportunities for their children to learn and expand their horizons. The adoption of franchised preschools has opened flood gates of opportunities for the entrepreneurs, businessman and start-ups to get their roots firmed in the business, hence increasing the number of preschools establishments in India.
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