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US Proton Therapy Potential Market Stands Tall at US$ 15 Billion

Jan 21, 2013

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Although, still in its infancy, the unprecedented demand of proton therapy for the treatment of cancer has set the stage for the market to move ahead at a rapid pace. As of 2012, just 10 centers catered to a huge population base of around 300,000 cancer patients that can be treated with proton therapy. By 2017, the number of sites providing proton therapy in the US is expected to cross 22. Still, industry experts believe that players will miss out on a majority of cancer patients who can benefit with proton therapy, overlooking a huge multi Billion dollar potential market.

The solution lies in opening up proton therapy centers at strategic locations, where clusters of such potential patients lie. Moreover, strategic and careful planning can help players overcome the hurdles of huge investments and land requirements.

RNCOS in its latest research report, "US Proton Therapy Market Analysis to 2017", gives insights into all such issues along with viable solutions. The report provides a thorough opportunity assessment and clearly states the number of potential patients for proton therapy along with their state-wise breakup to help readers decide in where to setup a new proton therapy center.

Further, to help the reader in understanding the various complexities involved in setting up a proton therapy center, the report describes the different components and diverse aspects involved with a proton therapy center. Moreover, it also gives a glimpse of the investment required for establishing a proton therapy center based on different treatment room models.

Currently, there is a clear lack of understanding of the market dynamics involved with a proton therapy center. Most centers are an extension of the services provided by already established and reputed cancer hospitals. Standalone proton therapy centers as those run by Procure, are few in number. To fill this gap in knowledge, our analysts have provided insights into both current and future market outlook. A detailed analysis on the current market players and those expected to enter the market by 2017 has also been provided.

The report also comes up with upcoming trends, such as kind of treatment room model, types of proton accelerators being installed etc., suggesting a definite measure to maximize profits. The report, "US Proton Therapy Market Analysis to 2017", is a must read for existing proton therapy players and those aiming to enter the Next-generation revolution in radiation therapy market.

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