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Secured Wireless LAN: need of the hour for e-business services

Feb 28, 2006

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While a wide array of wireless communication technology keeps on flooding the industry, wireless LAN’s founded on 802.11 standards is going to emerge as the most preferred choice in the corporate scene.

The conventional networks used for interconnecting corporate inventories and assets of various offices for the privilege of the employees, is much expensive than the wireless LAN’s. Wireless LAN provides hotels, airlines, cyber cafes, convention centers, etc. a chance to earn extra revenue by offering Internet connectivity to their valued clients. It is much easier to logistically support the costs of a wireless in comparison to a wired LAN by these establishments. Airlines for example can offer wireless communication access for a fee to its passengers either in the travelers waiting lounges or somewhere else in the airport.

Well designed WLAN products can deliver data output at an excellent rate within short distances, even with an increase in the distance between the base stations, the output is still high as before. It is the most common misunderstanding regarding distance and radio operation that higher frequencies do not transmit in the same capacity as low frequencies.

Wired Equivalent Privacy was IEEE’s first endeavor towards wireless LAN security. It was a disastrous start as the WEP was unable to provide any privacy, which its advertisements had claimed to deliver. The 802.11 based wireless LAN is an improvement upon the WEP by revamping it totally and using new key-derivation methods and encoding algorithms.

The latest market research report by RNCOS, titled “Wireless LAN Security – An Industry Outlook”,
forecasts that with the growth of the WLAN market and further technological innovations, the costs are slated to come down and speed up the process of extensive implementation of this technology. The main cost along with the end user expenditure is both scheduled to dip to about $120 in 2005.

According to the survey findings of Garter group nearly 60% of the Fortune 2000 companies are expected to have implemented wireless LAN by 2010, in order to backup the industry standards based wired communication technology.

The report gives an overview of the activities in the Wireless LAN security industry, with special inputs on the12 leading players of this field along with their products and technological innovations.

As per the broad vendor survey conducted by RNCOS, the outlines of 20 leading operators comprising wireless end-user to the network supplier have been filed here.

The report ends with analysts forecasting a steady growth by the two areas of security Firewall / VPN and UTM at 77%and 23% respectively up to 2006. The growth rate is likely to turnaround with UTM slated to grow up to 58% while the remainder 42% falls in the lot of Firewall/VPN services.

Wireless LAN devices and technologies are multiplying overnight - offering flexible new ways for people to connect communicate and exchange vital information.

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