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Rescue from Identity Fraud - IAM Industry to Grow Massively by 2011

Dec 17, 2007

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According to a recent report on the Global Identity & Access Management Services “Identity & Access Management Services” published by RNCOS, it is expected that the identity and access management market will grow at a CAGR of 7% during the period spanning from 2007 to 2011.
The report highlights that the future growth of IAM (Identity and Access Management) market is likely to be mainly driven by the growing number of identity-related frauds which resulted in loss of billions of dollar. Besides, increasing number of customers from all segments are also seeking for IAM solutions in order to automate the course of managing and protecting the access to the valuable data, which will also strongly influence the future growth of IAM industry.
The study also identifies the forces that will stimulate the growth of the market that include the rising concern by the companies to safeguard their customer database and vital business information and enhanced investment in the technologies related to identity management.
The RNCOS report also discusses about the challenges that are obstructing the global IAM market in moving forward, such as heavy initial investment, compatibility and privacy issues, and complexity in management. But at the same time, high rate of return in the form of growing security, controlled unauthorized information access and time saving will compensate for the challenges posed by the deterring factors.
Furthermore, the research also marks the prospective areas that will show substantive growth on account of the application of identity management services in industries like defense, banking, and automotive manufacturing.
Apart from the growth promoters and roadblocks, "Identity & Access Management Services” gives a comprehensive and updated overview of the global identity management industry. The report covers various parameters of the market like market performance, industry analysis, and future outlook in order to present a rational outlook of the identity management industry on a global perspective.
The report also provides information about the key opportunities and challenges critical to the success of identity management service industry. The projection given in the research is entirely based upon the evaluation of previous market growth and base drivers.
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