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Plant Stem Technology Driving European Cosmeceuticals Market

Mar 16, 2018

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Consumers are now more aware about the safety and sustainability issues related to skincare products which in turn give rise to the demand for plant stem cell derived ingredients. These cells are used by the plant’s stem to enhance the appearance of the skin. The plant stem cell technology have the ability to replace, instead of simply repairing damaged skin cells that makes it more popular than other active ingredients.
According to a new RNCOS report titled “Europe Cosmeceutical Market Outlook 2022”, there are several plant-derived stem cell extracts available for cosmeceutical use, out of which most popular are found in grape, lilac and Swiss apple. Grape contains the anti-inflammatory properties that are as effective as anti-aging, oxygen free radicals, and UV radiation, which are major concern for the consumers now-a-days. Therefore, stem cell technology has been preferred as one of the key elements to reach the next level in skin care efficacy.
As per RNCOS, latest analysis reports the plant stem cell is benefiting the consumer by fulfilling the natural and anti-aging product demand. Hence, manufacturers are coming with new stem cell technology products to capture the demand of consumers. For instance, ‘Omorovicza’ launched ‘Instant Perfection Serum’ that contains stem cells from the Narcissus plant. These stem cells enhance brightness, even skin tone, and help to reverse sun damage by slowing the production of melanin in the skin. Similarly, other manufacturers like ‘CIS Pharma’ have plant stem technology which is effective for reversing skin ageing and giving protection to the skin based on the powerful cellular ingredients.
Younger consumers in particular, prefer products containing plant stem cells to traditional ingredients like retinol, giving brands an opportunity to tailor their products according to the need of people across different age groups. Hence, European market for the cosmeceutical products is growing with rise in demand for the plant stem cell based products.
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