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Novel Design and Cost Effectiveness of Chip Antenna is Driving the Market

Jan 25, 2018

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With increasing demands for commercial short range data transmissions such as Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and RFID, many designers are looking for compact low cost antennas. Chip antennas are gaining popularity globally for their cost-effectiveness and compact structure.
According to our report, Global Chip Antenna Market Outlook 2020, Antennas like PCB, whip and inverted F antennas have high cost attached with it. Their approximate market price starts from around US$ 10-12, whereas in case of chip antenna the typical cost of it lies between US$ 0.10 and US$ 1.00. Moreover recent interest in the use of meta-materials, with unusual dielectric properties for designing the radiation pattern of antennas to reduce the cost of wireless components is leading to an important antenna breakthrough for RFID tags.
On the back of these researches, it is expected that the chip antenna market will grow at a CAGR of around 10% during the forecast period. As chip antennas provide almost similar performance at par with PCB, whip or monopole antennas in comparatively much cheaper price, their market demand for industrial usage is increasing every day.
Various companies like Vishay, Antenova, Inpaq are coming up with new product portfolios for chip antenna with better frequency range. These new antennas are being useful as a novel design approach and new materials to achieve high performance from an ultra low profile antenna.  Chip antennas are indispensible for devices with GPS receiver design. These devices are overall expensive equipments. So the manufacturers are looking for more efficient but less costly antennas for connectivity. Frequency range and inexpensive chip antennas has made it possible for these manufacturers. The chip antenna industry holds immense potential due to which players will invest in this technology for better wireless connectivity.
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