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Growing Inclination of Biopharmaceutical Companies towards Bi-Specific Antibodies

Apr 04, 2018

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Bi-specific antibody is one of the most potentially powerful tools which have emerged in the biopharmaceutical industry. The bi-specific antibodies intend to provide the next generation of targeted biologics by engaging two different targets simultaneously. These drugs offer several advantages over traditional treatment options for various diseases such as cancer. They have fewer side effects due to high specificity towards disease target. These antibodies are of particular importance for patients who experience recurrence or resistance to drugs.
According to the RNCOS report entitled Global Bi-Specific Antibodies Market Forecast to 2022, since the last few years, numerous companies have started showing interest in the development bi-specific antibodies. In March 2018, Merus N.V. announced the initiation of development of novel bi-specific antibodies for cancer therapeutics. The Company is developing these bi-specific antibodies in association with the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology by combining Merus’ proprietary Biclonics technology platform with VHIO’s expertise in clinical, translational and preclinical research.
Furthermore, Zymeworks Inc. announced the initiation of clinical development of its first product, known as ZW49, by utilizing the ZymeLink ADC platform in combination with Zymeworks’ Azymetric bispecific platform. The Company is expected to file an IND application to begin trials of ZW49 for the treatment of HER2-expressing cancers.

Similarly, Simcere Pharmaceutical is also planning to develop and commercialize three bi-specific antibodies in China. In order to carry out this research, Simcere will make of use Merus N.V’s proprietary Biclonics technology platform. In this deal, Merus will retain the rights on these three bi-specific antibodies outside China.
As per RNCOS latest research reports, many more new biopharmaceutical companies are expected to enter the market in the coming years. Increasing application of bi-specific antibodies in drug development is expected to further increase the revenues of the key players in Global Bi-Specific Antibodies Market.
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