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Grass root Innovations Drives Indian Commercial Vehicle Sector

Feb 25, 2006

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With majority of the Indian auto companies still struggling at the drawing board level to chalk out a plan for the manufacture of an electric three wheeler, a small local company has taken the auto world by surprise and is all ready to launch their classy battery driven passenger vehicle on the Indian roads. Electrotherm India Ltd. will shortly introduce their battery powered two-wheelers and three -wheelers. This battery-powered three-wheeler is the brainchild of a student of the reputed National Institute of Design (NID), Piyush Sharma.
The cost is claimed to be 30 to 35 paise per km. These three wheelers will initially be launched in Gujarat and afterwards all over the country. Electrotherm is obtaining majority of the parts from the domestic Indian market, with the exception of the battery and the motor.
The research report titled “Indian Automobile Industry: An Analysis (2005-2010)” by RNCOS – A leading market research report company, declared that the light commercial vehicle segment of the Indian Automobiles industry witnessed a stupendous growth in the FY03 and FY04. The segment saw a total of 74,970 commercial vehicles being sold inFY03 as against 98,720 vehicles sold in FY04, marking an increase of about 23,750 units.
Giving an insight into the sales in various auto segments the report reveals that the although the industry showed a 21.4% increase in growth during the period April-December 2002 to April- December 2003, the growth was a mere 9.4 % during the same period 2004.
As per the report, the data collected over the past few months indicates that the passenger vehicle segment which accounted for the major portion of three-wheeler sales has in fact declined from 16,150units in September 2004 to 13,058 units in December 2004.
According to the market research report by RNCOS, during the FY06 the sales predictions for the three-wheeler passenger vehicle segment and the light commercial vehicles segment are estimated to be a growth of around 14.0% year-on-year. The sales during the period of April-Nov 2006 are slated to be 225,715 in comparison to a sale of 197,190 units in the same period next year. The exports are also scheduled to witness a sales growth of 7% year-on-year, an escalation from 47,630 units to 50,810 units.
A detailed analysis of the Indian Auto Industry has been compiled in the report with special emphasis on the barriers to entry, bargaining power of the suppliers, bargaining power of the customers, competition in the industry along with the threats and rivalries.
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