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Global IAM Market to Register Fast Pace Growth

Jun 17, 2011

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According to our latest report entitled IAM Market Forecast to 2013, the global identity & access management (IAM) market has effectively strengthened its revenue patterns during the past few years. The market earned revenue worth US$ 3.7 Billion in 2010, and attracted large number of organizations as potential customers. With the successful developments in the field of cloud based securities, the global IAM market is likely to grow at a CAGR of around 10% during 2011-2013. Factors, such as regulatory compliances and security concerns will back the industry’s growth.
As per our report, organizations having windows and UNIX operating environment will largely require IAM products compared to those with Linux and mainframe. The share of windows 32 & 64 and UNIX in total IAM market revenue, therefore, is likely to be 36.3% and 36% respectively in 2013. In case of Linux too, the companies will come up with innovative products to strengthen their share.
The report IAM Market Forecast to 2013 covers the reliable statistics and important developments in the global IAM market. It analyzes the overall industry in terms of technologies and operating environments and provides an effective description of each constituent. The state of industry in key regions of the world has also been investigated and analyzed. The report also discusses several roadblocks that pose an obstruction in the growth of global IAM market progress.
The report evaluates the global IAM market in a comprehensive manner and analyzes each aspect of the industry. The report also investigates the current market trends and summarizes their impact on the overall performance. The future projection in the report makes use of proper base and techniques so that realistic forecasting is available. The analysis and developments of key players will help clients to monitor the private sector participation in the market.

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