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Alliances and Collaborations Builds a Strong Automobile Industry Network in Vietnam

Dec 30, 2014

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Vietnam automobile sector automobile industry is going through a phase of rapid development. For expansion, strategic collaboration, and acquisition of other component manufacturers is on rise in the domestic market. At present, a number of strategic joint ventures are being undertaken by players in order to maintain the growth rate in this developing market. Further, many international companies are entering Vietnamese market through such partnerships.
Our report, Vietnam Automobile Industry Forecast 2018”, concludes that the automobile sector in Vietnam is amplifying to greater lengths and expected grow at a CAGR of around 8.2% during the forecast period 2014-2018. The market is showing an upward trend due to factors like ease on taxes, rising demands and fierce competition among players. The report presents a brief account of Vietnam Industry, its growth factors along with its future outline.
The report is a collection of insights from the Vietnam Automobile industry covering various verticals starting with the demographic and economic stature of the country. The industry directions and patterns are included in the section of trends which highlights growth drivers like environment friendly cars, rising demand for luxury brands as well as tax benefits and government support.
The report also encloses a thorough scrutiny of production, sales and import characters and levels of the automobile industry in Vietnam. The report also quotes the Vietnamese motorcycle market to add an extra dimension to the existing data of the market. In all, the statistical approach to the report has given a comparative and prognostic view of the industry in Vietnam. Adding to these the report also includes sub divisive outlook of the automobile industry into various segments as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, mini buses, MUV’s, SUV’s etc.
Further, report is an outcome of core research and multi faceted analysis of the top automobile companies, their strengths and weaknesses, and development initiatives covering a wide spread examination of automobile sector in Vietnam. All in all the report is an attempt to provide meticulous and competitive view to our customers promises to give a fruitful insight of the global bioinformatics industry.
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