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Our blogs on wireless-IT industry provide readers precise, succinct and quality information on the progress the wireless-IT industry is making around the world.

Our excellent team of research analysts studies wireless-IT industry-related news and tracks the developments in technologies like RFID, GPS, Wireless and WiMAX to present the most updated glance on the industry.

Pakistan Govt. to Increase IT Investments
Jun 25, 2007 - Pakistan is looking forward to promote information technology (IT) & has made plans to attract more foreign investment & create significant amount of jobs in IT sector. Mr. Pervaiz Elahi, Chief Minister of Pakistan said
Thai IT Industry Experiencing Further Developments
Jun 25, 2007 - Thailand's local IT industry grew 12.6% in the year 2006 and will likely grow a further 15% in the next year (2007), boosted mainly by a disbursement of govt.'s budget & stable prices of fuel, as per an industry executive.
Malaysia Tops ICT Usage Charts
Jun 25, 2007 - Malaysia ranks among top 5 ICT using countries on basis of all ICT aspects like Internet usage, number of IT firms, and e-commerce, said Malaysian ministry of communications. Malaysia is one of the top nations in terms of ICT
Impressive Growth Forecast for the Smart Card Industry
Jun 25, 2007 - In 2007, shipments of smart cards will see an increase of 20% globally exceeding 3.1 Billion units, and this growth will be reflected on all the three leading market segments. Tthe rough estimation made by Eurosmart, a vendor
GPS: Cable Makers Expect Stability in Market
Jun 25, 2007 - Some of the makers of GPS cables in Pearl River Delta believe that GPS market should remain stable in the years to come. The production hub of GPS accessories in China, Pearl River Delta comprises of several municipalities of
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