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Our blogs on wireless-IT industry provide readers precise, succinct and quality information on the progress the wireless-IT industry is making around the world.

Our excellent team of research analysts studies wireless-IT industry-related news and tracks the developments in technologies like RFID, GPS, Wireless and WiMAX to present the most updated glance on the industry.

First Direct Broadcasting Satellite Launch to Boost Chinese TV Market
Jun 24, 2007 - China will launch first large direct broadcasting satellite this month, which could see the ending of a countrywide ban on use of privately owned satellite dishes. First large direct broadcasting satellite of China will be
US $ 3 Billion Municipal Wi-Fi Spending in Next 4 Years
Jun 24, 2007 - In USA spending is expected to rise by 105 % to reach US $ 940 million by 2008 and in next 4 years US $ 3 Billion of total spending is expected on municipal Wi-Fi networks. As per a study published in WirelessWeek , spending
Vista May Take Longer To Zero-In Europe
Jun 24, 2007 - According to Microsoft CorporationLaunching of Vista (Operating System) by Microsoft may possibly be postponed in Europe. Microsoft Corporation states that the starting of the new Operating System relies a lot on the antitrust
Booming Vietnam Economy Luring Foreign IT Investors
Jun 24, 2007 - FPT, the largest IT firm in Vietnam, offers software services like telecommunications has sold its shares of worth US $ 36.5 Million to two overseas investors. FPT, the largest IT firm in Vietnam, has sold its shares of worth US
UK Companies Neglecting Software Compliance
Jun 24, 2007 - UK companies are neglecting software compliance as Major UK firms are unaware of the fact that whether the business software used by them are conforming international standards or not. Major UK firms are unaware of the fact that
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