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Our blogs on wireless-IT industry provide readers precise, succinct and quality information on the progress the wireless-IT industry is making around the world.

Our excellent team of research analysts studies wireless-IT industry-related news and tracks the developments in technologies like RFID, GPS, Wireless and WiMAX to present the most updated glance on the industry.

Ireland Expands CCTV Use to Increase Security
Jun 24, 2007 - The Ireland govt. said that this initiative is to make Ireland a safer place to live and to provide better security levels US$ 3.8 million will be funded for development of CCTV systems. Around US $ 3.8 million will be funded
Microsoft Sues DRM Hacker For Stealing Source Code
Jun 24, 2007 - Microsoft has sued DRM hacker for stealing source code 'FairUse4WM', used to break DRM copy protection from copyrighted music using Microsoft's DRM technology. Microsoft is taking legal action against the hacker who developed
RFID & CCTV to Track Passengers
Jun 24, 2007 - UCL (University College of London) scientists are working on a project to develop a system, which uses RFID tags & CCTV cameras. The system will enable easy tracking of the movements of passengers at airports. The project,
'Live Search' Launched
Jun 24, 2007 - Microsoft has annunciated to official launch of its much anticipated Web search engine, 'Live Search' that was previously available in beta stage. Microsoft annunciated the official launch of its much anticipated Web search
Vista To Bring 100,000 IT Jobs In Europe
Jun 24, 2007 - Microsoft Windows operating system, Vista will guide $40Bn through economic activity and make room for about 100,000 new IT jobs in 6 nations of Europe. Much awaited Microsoft Windows operating system, Vista will guide $40Bn
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