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Our exhaustive collection of blogs on the tourism industry is focused on giving the latest news updates that affect the tourism market, including medical tourism, at global and country level.

Our experienced team of industry experts studies the news from different perspectives to give accurate and relevant information on vital tourism aspects, like outbound & inbound tourism, industry revenue, government regulations, and recent activities in the sector.

Turkish Medical Tourism Market Has Huge Growth Potential
Jun 02, 2010 - Turkey’s medical tourism market, if promoted effectively on global level, has potential to become double its size. As per the statement of Levent Bas, the general manager of Turkish medical tourism consulting firm Gusib,
Malaysia: Perfect Destination to Cure Middle East Medical Tourists
May 01, 2010 - Malaysia, a promising nation for medical tourism, needs to concentrate more on fostering its marketing strategies entice Middle East patients in the midst of still competition among Asian countries. More and more hospitals in
Qatar - Tourists? Favorite Spot for Trade and Commerce
Apr 26, 2010 - Qatar, the tourists’ most preferred destination for trade, conferences and business meetings, although stands at second spot in MENA region, needs to work more to secure the top spot globally. According to the annual
Turkish Health Tourism Could Earn $8 Billion Starting 2015
Apr 07, 2010 - Medical tourism industry in Turkey is expected to see $8 Billion annually if government grants necessary tax breaks to the sector. As per the recent statement from the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEÝK), medical
Poland ? An Emerging Medical Tourism Hub
Apr 01, 2010 - The Polish medical tourism industry has been rapidly growing on the back of accession to the European Union and lower treatment cost from other countries. As per the estimates given by the Polish Association of Medical Tourism,
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