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Our exhaustive collection of blogs on the tourism industry is focused on giving the latest news updates that affect the tourism market, including medical tourism, at global and country level.

Our experienced team of industry experts studies the news from different perspectives to give accurate and relevant information on vital tourism aspects, like outbound & inbound tourism, industry revenue, government regulations, and recent activities in the sector.

Tourism - Backbone of the Malaysian Economy
Jan 14, 2008 - Tourism, the biggest source of foreign exchange, picked up the growth momentum in Malaysia in the last few years. The Malaysian government has played an important role to promoting the industry. The Malaysian tourism industry
China Tourism to Witness Incredible Growth
Dec 01, 2007 - The World Tourism Organization forecasts a sharp increase in the volume of tourists going abroad with China emerging as the tourism powerhouse. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) assembled during the last week of November this
Indian Medical Tourism to Experience Remarkable Growth
Nov 27, 2007 - With cost effective and better facilities, Indian medical tourism is attracting the medical tourists for which improvement of infrastructure and transparency in the system is required. Medical tourism is set to experience a
Singapore Likely to Set a New Tourism Record in 2007
Nov 26, 2007 - The Singapore tourism industry is all set to make a new record for luring a large number of tourists arriving in the country. It is expected to have about 10.2 Million tourists in 2008. Like some other countries, Singapore too
Sri Lanka Tourism Witnessing a Sharp Downfall
Nov 26, 2007 - Sri Lanka tourist influx has dropped down to 21% because of the double rebel attacks, refraining tourists to visit the country. Moreover, the US has warned its citizens not to visit the country. There was a sharp drop in the
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