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Our exhaustive collection of blogs on the tourism industry is focused on giving the latest news updates that affect the tourism market, including medical tourism, at global and country level.

Our experienced team of industry experts studies the news from different perspectives to give accurate and relevant information on vital tourism aspects, like outbound & inbound tourism, industry revenue, government regulations, and recent activities in the sector.

Global Financial Crisis Hit Philippines Tourism Industry
Jan 05, 2009 - Global financial crisis has severely hampered the consumer spending power; as a result, the inflow of tourists in the Philippines slumped drastically during October 2008. The inflow of tourists from key markets such as South
Troubled Jamaican Tourism Sector Calls for Help
Dec 31, 2008 - Jamaican tourism industry has been calling for government help due to feeling the disability to continue in the current global economic crisis. With the Jamaican tourism industry experiencing a crisis which threatens not only
India's Tourism Growth to Drop 10% In FY08-09 –ASSOCHAM
Dec 31, 2008 - Indian industry body ASSOCHAM has predicted that the Indian tourism industry growth will drop up to 10% in the current fiscal year. India's Tourism industry's growth would drop by 10% in FY08-09, estimated the Tourism Committee
Turkey – Tourism Posts Good Results, Withstanding Global Crisis
Dec 23, 2008 - 2008 is proving to be a good season for the tourism sector of Turkey, thanks to the rising number of tourist arrivals and the development of transportation and infrastructure. According to the Security Directorate’s data,
Israel - Tourism Industry Hits the Highest Point
Dec 23, 2008 - Tourism Sector climbs to the record high in 2008 as the shifting trends and improved security measures in Israel are attracting more and more international tourists. Tourist arrivals in Israel hit an all-time record high in 2008
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