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The retail industry is continuously changing as the global and regional economies are transforming worldwide. Our research team virtually traces every activity in the retail industry and provides the latest update in retail industry blogs. Our industry experts study these developments to give critical analysis along with their personal opinion.

Our blogs on retail industry encompasses retail industry aspects as diverse as organized retailing, retail channels like supermarkets, convenience store, and retail products (food and non-food).

Washington: Retail Sales Healthier In July
Jun 20, 2007 - In July, shoppers returned in buying mood, propelling sales up by 1.4 % at nation's retailers in six months. Showing on retail sales for the month of July was stronger than the expectations of economists who had forecast a 0.8%
Retail Market In Russia Moving Towards Westernization
Jun 20, 2007 - The retail market in Russia is rapidly developing western commercial methods as supermarkets and hypermarkets are mushrooming throughout the country. There's been a surge in the number of Supermarkets and hypermarkets , which
Regional Brands Continue to Grow in Retail Malls
Jun 20, 2007 - Some Mumbai & Chennai malls are allowing local brands to hold about 25 % of the total stores & the figure is 30 % in Delhi & NCR (National Capital Region) higher than in tier-2 cities. Some Mumbai & Chennai malls
San Antonio: Retail Sector Growing Slowly But Steadily
Jun 20, 2007 - A rise of 5.7% from the same period of 2005 though in the second half San Antonio's added nearly 1.95 million Square feet of retail space. Although in the second half San Antonio's added nearly 1.95 million Square feet of retail
Vietnam: Domestic Retail Market With Efforts To Control Market
Jun 20, 2007 - The government of Vietnam has recently asked the Ministry of Trade (MoT) to conduct a study on the ways to start a retail market dedicated to foreign enterprises. It has required businesses in the domestic sector and other
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