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China LED TV Sales Expect to Reach 4 Million Next Year
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China LED TV Sales Expect to Reach 4 Million Next Year

Dec 31, 2009
The sales of LED TVs in China will quadruple in 2010 over the last year (2009) to reach the figure of 4 Million units.

As per the projection of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the sales of “LED TV” (LCD TV with LED backlight) is expected to touch magical figures of 4 Million units in 2010, a quadruple increase from the 2009 figures, as reported by Display Blog. This stupendous prospective sales statistics manifest China’s strong potential to emerge as the largest market for TVs.

Suning Appliance, China’s largest consumer electronic and IT retail chain, has projected that the LED backlight TV sales will contribute 20% of total TV sales during the Lunar New Year holiday against 3% in the third quarter and 8% during the National Day holiday.

The sales of LCD TVs in China is expected to record 37% year-on-year growth to reach the peak figures of 31.5 Million Units in 2010, while the sales for 2009 is estimated at around 23 Million. Local brands have enjoyed the leadership on the Chinese TV market, with a share of 73.3% in 2009 and this trend seems to continue next year (2010) as well.

The Government has shown confidence on the sector and is taking necessary steps to ensure positive growth. In fact, the Government stimulus package has boosted sales of 37 inch and smaller LCD TVs and it is expected that this segment will represent 61.1% of total unit sales in 2009. Besides, the Government will increase the subsidy amount that will help larger LCD TV sales to flare up in 2010.

According to a market research report “Chinese Consumer Electronics Market till 2011” by RNCOS, the overall TV sales in China will climb to around 58 Million by 2010 owing to increased sales of LCD TVs.

Moreover, soaring demand for flat screen TVs (in which LCD TVs represent majority of sales) is further intensifying competition between major foreign and domestic brands. Both Sony and Samsung have started production of 7th generation LCD TVs whereas domestic brands still concentrating on the 5th and 6th generations sets, said the report.

A Senior Research Analyst at RNCOS said, “LED backlight LCD TV sales in China have made a substantial progress this year but the prices are still very high, which may discourage customers from buying them. With LED backlight continuously improving on the industrial chain, the product will be available at lower cost. These market trends will popularize LED TV in the country.”

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