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China’s Fast Food Industry Output to Surpass 4.9 Trillion Yuan in 2009
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China’s Fast Food Industry Output to Surpass 4.9 Trillion Yuan in 2009

Dec 17, 2009
Food industry, China’s fastest growing sector is projected to expand by 16.7% in 2009, giving excellent investment opportunities to global industry players.
According to the China National Food Industry Association, CNFIA, it is expected that the China food industry’s output value will grow 16.7% YoY this year, as per the news published by china daily.
In the Seventh China Food Safety Annual Meeting, CNFIA said that the industry’s output value was likely to exceed 4.9 Trillion Yuan ($717 Billion) in 2009. The output of China’s food industry was 1.8 Trillion Yuan during the year’s first five months, i.e. January to May 2009, a 14.6% y-o-y increase.
As the food safety situation is continuously improving, the country’s food industry is also growing rapidly. Further, this year, the supervisors at all levels inspected more than 1 Million food producers, and 70,000 cases were registered and investigated.
According to China’s nationwide food safety inspection departments, in the first half of 2009, the rate of qualified food products was 98.5%. Further, the fast food sector, which is an important segment of the food industry, is also thriving in the country.
According to “China Fast Food Analysis”, a recent research report by RNCOS, China’s fast food industry is enjoying phenomenal growth; with over 25% market CAGR, it is one of the fastest developing sectors of the country. Moreover, in the coming years as well, the food industry will continue to grow at a fast pace, backed by busy and changing lifestyles, surging disposable incomes and rapidly rising middle class population.
In addition, the China’s food production infrastructure is under immense pressure from the surging rice and pork demand; however, Beijing government is quite sure to feed entire China, the most populous nation of the world.
China’s grain production capacity was steadily rising, assuring sound food security situation, said government. Moreover, there is adequate supply of staple agricultural produce abundant grain reserves, while food prices continued to remain comparatively stable.
Further, according to a Research Analyst at RNCOS, “China is the world’s fifth-largest food consuming nation, and it is still growing at a good pace. In the coming future, various segments of the Chinese food industry will provide the global industry players good investment opportunities.”
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