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New Home Construction Trembling in Australia
Oct 10, 2008 - The number of new home construction in Australia is expected to slump for the fifth time consecutively amid falling demand and high interest rate. According to the Housing Industry Association, the number of under-construction
China - Fiscal Surplus Reached $173.7 bn but Situation May Reverse
Oct 08, 2008 - The fiscal surplus in China during the H1 2008 surged to 1.19 Trillion Yuan owing to high corporate income tax but it could decline in H2 on account of rising fiscal expenditure. The Ministry of Finance (MOF), China, revealed
Rising Imports Narrowed Trade Surplus in Brazil
Sep 25, 2008 - The trade surplus of Brazil declined sharply in August 2008 due to an increase in imports on account of weak dollar and rising sales of imported products in the domestic market. There was a fall in trade surplus of Brazil in
Canada - Export Outlook Grim due to Soft Importers
Sep 19, 2008 - Canada will see a sharp drop in exports due to weak economic conditions of its major importers. But the country can utilize it as an opportunity to forge business relations with developing nations. The Export Development Canada
Australian Export Prices Hit Record Rise of 13.5%
Sep 11, 2008 - The export prices in Australia rose at a record pace of 13.5% in Q2 2008 due to high export of coal and iron ore, and surging inflation in the country. As per the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), export prices in Australia
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