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South Korean Export Industry Knocked Down by Declining Demand
Dec 06, 2008 - South Korean export industry grew slowest in October 2008 to record a 13-month low, corresponding to the declining demand induced by the global financial slowdown. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy disclosed that contradicting
Taiwan’s Export Industry Plunging Down
Dec 06, 2008 - Exports in Taiwan slid by 8.3% in October 2008 due to falling demand from the leading exports markets, corresponding to the weakening consumer confidence. As per the ministry of finance, exports from Taiwan declined by 8.3% in
Inflation Running High in Kenya, Situation to Change in Future
Dec 03, 2008 - Inflation, that reached 28.4% in October 2008, is posing a big threat to Kenya as it is creating a shortage of food, disruption in supplies and high energy costs. The National Bureau of Statistics said Kenya, the biggest economy
Chinese Trade Surplus Attains Record Height
Nov 26, 2008 - Trade surplus of China rose to a new level in September on account of excessive slowdown in the imports caused by falling commodity prices and lower shipment rates. According to the government of China, trade surplus of China
Japan?s Trade Surplus Heading to Ground
Nov 19, 2008 - Japan’s trade surplus recorded a huge decline of 85.6% during the first half of fiscal 2008 as a result of the falling demand for Japanese products in the international markets. According to the Finance Ministry, trade
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