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Tough Time Ahead for UK Housing Industry
Jan 08, 2009 - The outlook of the UK housing market for 2009 is looking grim, with property sales expected to remain low and losses to the industry players keep mounting. The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) in the UK has predicted lesser
Japanese Exports Tumbled Under Pressure from Economic Slowdown
Jan 08, 2009 - The Japanese exports drastically fell during November 2008 owing to weak consumer demand, global economic slowdown and depreciation in dollar. The Japanese Finance Ministry said, exports from the country fell to very low in
Taiwan Exports & Industrial Output Declined in November 2008
Jan 03, 2009 - The industrial output and export orders in Taiwan plummeted to very low in November 2008 primarily due to weak overseas demand and global economic slowdown. The Ministry of Economic Affairs states that Taiwan's industrial
India Export Industry to Miss the Target by 20%
Dec 09, 2008 - Indian export sector would remain 20% short of its target for 2008-09 on slumping demand from overseas markets and rising coastal transportation charges. According to the analysis of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and
Chinese Trade Surplus Rises despite Global Economic Meltdown
Dec 08, 2008 - The heat of global financial meltdown, which discouraged consumer demand across the world, has failed to affect the Chinese export industry, leading to $215.99 Billion trade surplus during January-October 2008. Chinese trade
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