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UK?s Housing Market Succumbed to Liquidity Squeeze in December
Jan 23, 2008 - Liquidity squeeze in the UK housing market brought down home prices to the lowest level in December 2007 since 2003. Experts have predicted that this trend would continue in 2008. Home prices in the UK fell to the lowest level
Sales of New Homes in Australia Continue to be Flat
Jan 02, 2008 - Buying a house in Australia continues to be a dream yet to turn true as house prices are rocketing sky high along due to a shortage of supply. There are no signs of easing of housing affordability crisis in the kangaroo
Chaos in the US Realty Industry
Dec 01, 2007 - With a drastic fall in the house building permits, the outlook of the real estate market in the US appears to be grim, hitting the builders' confidence badly. The US is going to witness a drop in the number of homes constructed,
Rate Hikes Likely to Hit Middle & Low Income Aussies Badly
Dec 01, 2007 - The hike in the cash rates by Reserve Bank of Australia is likely to have a devastating impact on the low and middle income households, according to the Australian Housing Industry Association . The Reserve Bank of Australia has
UK Housing Industry to remain Sluggish Next Year
Dec 01, 2007 - Lower house price expectations and tighter credit conditions have led to a major downfall in the housing price inflation from 9.7% in 2007 to 0% in the year 2008. The Nationwide Building Society (NBS) stated that yearly housing
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