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UK Govt. Offers ?1 Billion for Housing Market
Apr 08, 2008 - The UK government announced initiatives to infuse growth in the UK housing market by modernizing areas and giving development chances to existing dwellers. The UK government announced on February 28, 2008 the local allocation of
No Cheer for New Zealand Property Market
Mar 21, 2008 - Economic factors have been working against the property market in New Zealand and people are finding it difficult to purchase new property, resulting in a slowdown. Quotable Value, largest property Information Company in New
Baltimore Housing Industry under Dire Condition, Home Sales Fell 40%
Mar 14, 2008 - Baltimore’s housing industry is under credit crisis. Rate of sale of new homes has fallen heavily in the first month of 2008 as investors retreat from investing in the market. According to the data released by
Canadian Housing Industry Growth Will Halt This Year
Mar 04, 2008 - The Canadian housing industry is expected to see a slump in 2008 due to rising house prices, lack of skilled labor, and increasing prices of construction material . Canada is expected to see slight slowdown in new home
UK - Home Prices Tripled in Last Dec
Mar 03, 2008 - The housing industry of the UK has grown significantly in the last decade with tripling of prices of homes in four out of every ten counties. In the UK, housing prices of four counties out of every ten increased triple-fold in
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