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Australian Construction Industry Slumped in March 2008
Jun 02, 2008 - The Performance Construction Index of the Australian housing industry dropped to a seven months low value of 48.4 in March 2008 possibly due to interest rate hike. The Australian construction industry slumped in March this year
Japanese Industrial Output Plunged 1.2%
May 30, 2008 - The Japanese industrial output fell second time in a row by 1.2% in February 2008 due to decline in the country’s exports in last few months. According to the data released by the Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade
Oklahoma Real Estate Market Facing Lack of Confidence
May 16, 2008 - Half of the Oklahoma population believes that housing industry in the state is slowly going down, though there has been consistent increase in home prices since 2002. According to Oklahoma Association of Realtors, around 50%
New Home Sales in US Fell 1.8% in February 2008
May 15, 2008 - The US housing market is bleeding white owing to slump in new home sales by 1.8% in February 2008, worst hit in the decade. According to the study conducted by the US Commerce Department, new home sales in the US fell by 1.8%
UK House Prices Slumped to Lowest Level in Last 16 Years
Apr 09, 2008 - The UK housing industry has been underperforming for last few years due to lack of property demand, rising inflation, tight lending process, and slowdown in global economy. A survey conducted by the Royal Institution of
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