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Australia Needs More Homes to House Migrants
Aug 20, 2008 - With rising population of migrants in Australia, the country needs millions of new homes, but market factors such as shortage of labor and rising rental prices are worsening the situation. The Australian Housing Industry
Baltimore Housing Market Declined 30% in May 2008
Aug 12, 2008 - The Baltimore housing market declined by 30% in May 2008 due to credit crunch, rising food and fuel prices, and tough lending conditions. The Metropolitan Regional Systems Inc. (MRIS) said that the housing market of Baltimore
Indian BPO Industry Calling for 33% Growth
Aug 11, 2008 - The Indian BPO industry is expected to grow 33% by 2008-09 as it remained ‘fundamentally sound’ during the economic slowdown in the US and decline in rupee, says NASSCOM. The representative body of the Indian IT and
Exports from Singapore Crashed Unexpectedly in May 2008
Aug 04, 2008 - The export market of Singapore faced an unexpected decline in May 2008 when it fell to 9.8% owing to weakening global demand and rising inflation. According to International Enterprise Singapore, a leading trade agency, post
Britain - Home Sales Dipped to Three-decade Lowest Value
Jul 30, 2008 - Home sales in the UK during March-May 2008 fell to a three-decade low due to stringent lending conditions, higher interest rates and spiraling fuel and food costs. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
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