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Mobile industry is undergoing rapid transformation. We monitor this change in our blogs and provide latest information on all the vital parameters of the mobile industry, including subscription, technology (like GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi), service providers and handset manufacturers.

The Mobile Industry Blogs offer research & analysis categorized into the following sub-sections: Mobile Handset, Telecom Sector, Fixed-line Service & Internet & Broadband Services.

Hutchison Arrived in Indonesia
Apr 04, 2007 - Hutchinson proclaimed to launch its mobile services, PT Hutchinson CP Telecom, in Indonesia. Initially, the GSM mobile telephony services will be introduced in Jakarta. On March 29, 2007 Hutchison Telecommunications
Nokia setting up New Mobile Phone Plant in Romania
Apr 02, 2007 - Nokia plans to set up a new mobile phone plant in Romania. This reflects the potential of the company in becoming a global leader. Nokia has plans to set up a mobile manufacturing facility in Romania. Nokia expects to make an
Pakistan's Telecom Sector Facing a Boom
Apr 02, 2007 - The telecom sector, one of the fastest developing sectors in Pakistan, is expected to grow in the coming years. With the efficient economic policies of the government, the telecom sector of the country has witnessed a stupefying
Profit Of China Mobile Touched US$ 8.48 Billion Mark In 2006
Mar 30, 2007 - Chinese mobile industry is booming with China Mobile’s annual profit for 2006, reportedly touching US$ 8.48 Billion mark and playing a dominant role in the country’s mobile industry development. Chinese mobile
Iran's Mobile Market Grew 100% In 2006
Mar 30, 2007 - Mobile industry experts feel that increased competition and reduction in connection and activation fees led to 100% growth in mobile market in Iran in 2006. With new competitors and reduction in the fees for connection and
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