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Mobile industry is undergoing rapid transformation. We monitor this change in our blogs and provide latest information on all the vital parameters of the mobile industry, including subscription, technology (like GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi), service providers and handset manufacturers.

The Mobile Industry Blogs offer research & analysis categorized into the following sub-sections: Mobile Handset, Telecom Sector, Fixed-line Service & Internet & Broadband Services.

Indian Mobile Market Surpassed the Targeted Subscribers
Oct 09, 2007 - The boom in the Indian mobile telecom market is still going on with the subscriber base in the country exceeding the targets set by the government well ahead of its schedule. The subscriber base in the wireless market in India,
Russian Mobile Industry Showing Rapid Growth
Jul 03, 2007 - Despite low average annual expenditure in mobile services, compared to other developing countries, Russia became the third largest market in the world in terms of subscriber numbers and revenue. Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)
UAE - Surge in Mobile Handsets? Sales To Continue
Jul 03, 2007 - With the highest penetration of mobile phones in the Middle East, UAE is likely to continue the surge in the sales of mobile phones. It is estimated that sales of mobile handsets in the UAE would exceed 2.5 million this year
Dutch Broadband Market Eyes Leadership By 2010
Jun 29, 2007 - Owing to its strategic location on the fringes of European mainland, The Netherlands enjoys enormous advantage in its broadband market in Europe with ambitious plans by the government. The first quarter of 2007 saw a 3.5% growth
South Africa: Experts Slam The Government For Poor Broadband Growth
Jun 25, 2007 - Regarding broadband usage and penetration, South Africa is far behind then other countries, which include Iceland, Korea, Netherlands, Denmark etc., but the country is still experiencing decline. The Organization for Economic
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