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Mobile industry is undergoing rapid transformation. We monitor this change in our blogs and provide latest information on all the vital parameters of the mobile industry, including subscription, technology (like GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi), service providers and handset manufacturers.

The Mobile Industry Blogs offer research & analysis categorized into the following sub-sections: Mobile Handset, Telecom Sector, Fixed-line Service & Internet & Broadband Services.

Broadband Revolution in EU Countries
May 14, 2008 - Broadband deployment in the European Union tremendously increased last year with total revenue reached Euro 62 Billion, says EU report. According to the 13 th Progress Report on the Telecoms Market of European Commission,
Indian Telecom Expects $32.5 Billion Investment in Next Two Years
May 07, 2008 - Indian telecom industry is likely to see huge investment of Rs 130000 Crore ($32.5 Billion) in next two years considering entrance of new players and launch of new services. Siddharth Behura, Secretary of Department of
Global Mobile Phone Penetration to Reach 50% in 2008
May 03, 2008 - The global mobile phone industry has been growing at a rapid pace due to rising demand for advanced cell phone. In 2008, the mobile penetration rate is expected to cross 50% mark. The International Telecommunication Union
China's Telecom Fees Decreased by 13.6%
Apr 08, 2008 - The government intervention in the Chinese telecom industry is yielding results by propelling the telecoms industry towards the peak and reducing telecoms fess and roaming charges. The result of Chinese government’s
Roaming Fees in China Draw Flak
Feb 05, 2008 - Roaming charges by the Chinese mobile industry have come under fire with increasing complaints of overcharging prompting the government to intervene for reduction in the unreasonably high charges. As per the Beijing
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