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We provide up-to-date information on production, consumption, demand, and export-import scenario of important metals like steel, aluminum and nickel in national and international markets through our blogs on the metal industry.

To provide the accurate information, our team of industry experts closely follows the developments taking place in the global metal industry. We thoroughly study the factors impacting the metal industry to give relevant and updated information in our blogs.

China produced 489.24 Million Tons Steel Last year
Mar 07, 2008 - Chinese steel and iron industry has doubled its production in last four years, but it has become a cause of concern as the industry has pushed up the inflation. According to the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA), the
Steel Boom in China under Threat by High Subsidies
Feb 05, 2008 - Although China is experiencing booming growth in its steel industry due to massive subsidies provided by the government, these are against the WTO norms and may land the country in trouble. As per the findings of a study
Steel Production Surged by 9.3% in Brazil Last Year
Feb 05, 2008 - The Brazilian steel industry touched a record level by producing 33.784 Million Metric Tons steel last year and IBS is expecting same trend to continue in 2008 as well. According to the Brazilian Steel Institute (IBS) on January
China Increases Steel Export Tax by 5%-15%
Jan 22, 2008 - China has raised the export tariff from 15% to 25% on steel billets, non-alloy products, and pig iron to control trade surplus. The action is taken after intense stress from the US to bring down its steel export. As per the
China To Increase Its Steel Production
May 28, 2007 - China had produced 5.3 million tons of steel in 2006. With the increase in demand for stainless steel, the domestic production of steel in the country is also expected to rise. As per report, “China Steel Industry Analysis
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