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We provide up-to-date information on production, consumption, demand, and export-import scenario of important metals like steel, aluminum and nickel in national and international markets through our blogs on the metal industry.

To provide the accurate information, our team of industry experts closely follows the developments taking place in the global metal industry. We thoroughly study the factors impacting the metal industry to give relevant and updated information in our blogs.

Dubai ? Gold Imports to Remain Ablaze in Future
Aug 18, 2008 - Gold imports in Dubai are expected to remain high in future despite highly volatile prices of the metal due to spurge in demand and rising purchase by Indian and Arab visitors. Moaz Barakat, Managing Director, World Gold
Aluminium Imports to Outshine Exports in China This Year
Aug 05, 2008 - China is likely to remain a net importer of primary aluminium throughout the year but will be supported by rising exports of aluminium products. China is likely to remain a net importer of primary aluminium throughout 2008 that
Japanese Aluminum Industry Sailed Smoothly in April 2008
Jun 24, 2008 - The shipment of aluminum from Japan increased by 1.4% in April 2008 due to rising export and growing demand from automobile, construction and packaging industry. The Japan Aluminium Association revealed that shipments of
Chinese Steel Export Expects to Slump Down by 27% This Year
May 27, 2008 - China is likely to bring down the export of steel products to 27% in 2008 by levying additional export duties. According to the Vice President of the China Iron and Steel Association, Luo Bingsheng, China is expected to export
Growth without a Hitch for Japan?s Crude Steel Industry
Mar 24, 2008 - The Japanese crude steel industry continues to grow as demand for crude steel increases from all quarters including automobile and construction industries as well as exports to other Asian countries. The Japan Iron and Steel
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